National Consumer Engagement
and Communication Survey

Consumer Engagement Survey: a partnership approach.

Anna Millicer

Ever wondered what your home care consumers really want from you when it comes to information and communication?

Many providers underestimate the depth of engagement their consumers and family carers want, and limit information to a superficial level.

Created by consumer engagement expert, Anna Millicer, this short survey is perfect for home care and CHSP providers who really want to understand their consumers’ preferences and to get the edge in meeting the consumer outcomes in the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Not just another satisfaction survey…

Lots of providers use a satisfaction survey to benchmark themselves against other providers. We are not like other surveys! This one is less about you (sorry 😉) and more about your clients and families.

Satisfaction surveys are only useful to a certain extent…but what about tapping into the things your clients actually want from you and your partnership with them?

Our survey has been user-tested by over 700 home care consumers and family carers, and captures the extensive and surprisingly broad range of topics many older people and their families want to know!

Think about where your consumers currently get their information about what’s going on in the aged care sector. It’s mostly from news media that deliver ‘short and shocking’ stories which grab attention and result in negativity and suspicion.

Wouldn’t you rather control the message?

Wouldn’t you rather present the full picture yourself and become the trusted source for your consumers?

Here’s an opportunity to ask them directly, so you can:

  • Be sure your engagement and communication strategy aligns with real consumer preferences;
  • Save time and energy by putting your resources where they are most effective;
  • Blitz the consumer engagement and communication requirements across the Quality Standards.

What is the Consumer Engagement Survey?

In a nutshell, this is a super simple online survey that you send to your consumers and carers to help you understand their information and communication preferences.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape forever, with more and more older people getting online. Aged care providers can maximise and scale their engagement strategies so easily now! What’s stopping you?

Results will help providers to confidently allocate their limited time and energy into activities they know their clients actually want!

The most simple consumer engagement strategy ever! Done For You.

You’re welcome 😀

For a super affordable price, we manage the surveys and simply provide you with a survey link for you to distribute to your clients. Once the survey is closed, we collate the data, write and distribute the report and voila! You can take it from there.

Our survey was developed in consultation with a research methods and statistics specialist to ensure our data collection and reporting is the highest quality.

Putting this together yourself would take literally hours, right?

Which is why most providers don’t do it…

We provide a customised data report for you, with all the specifics about your own consumer group – just talk to us about your needs.

Here's what's included in your
Consumer Engagement Survey:

  • Email script for you to let your consumers and carers know all about the survey;
  • Link to online Consumer Engagement and Communication survey;
  • PDF of survey for printing;
  • Reminders for when the survey is closing;
  • Full data report and analysis within 4 weeks of closing your survey;

We provide all this for a once-off payment of only $497.00.

That’s a full set of data charts and a customised report highlighting the themes and recommendations for your own engagement and communication plan, for 2023 and beyond!

“Your survey is helping us understand the digital capacity of our clients and how to roll out future research. The most notable data shows what clients want to hear about, and what they don’t really want to hear about.”

Laura May ~ Care Connect

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